18 June 2008

Piggy at 6 Months

Piggy is almost 6 months years old, so I thought it was a good time for an update. Several months back Cyndi took Piggy to get her hair shaved, G.I. Jane style. Piggy looked kind of forlorn and scrawny without all her furry glory. Now that her hair is growing back, Piggy's looking a little more puppylicious. She's gotten notably bigger, most especially her ears. They're sort of out of proportion with the rest of her body.

Piggy is also noticeably Korean. I'm not even joking. Aside from understanding a little Korean (Thanks to Cyndi and Heng), she has a lot in common with other Korean females.
  • She likes spicy food, especially kimchi.
  • She likes to take photos. She's the dicca (digital camera) queen.
  • She likes to look at herself in the elevator mirrors.
  • She loves shoes (to nibble on).
  • She loves bags (to sit in whenever she's tired of walking).
  • She loves lotions (to eat).
  • She has a pretty ferocious bark, but she often uses a sad little puppy cry to tug at your heart strings. I think that this might be the equivalent of what Koreans call egyo.
I suspect that Piggy could even down a shot of soju if we let her. Don't worry. I won't let that happen. We don't need her to turn into My Sassy Puppy. She's already got enough problems.

In honor of her half-year birthday, here's a compilation of pics and videos. I even managed to get a clip of her dreaming. She's very noisy. I wonder what she's dreaming about...

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