11 June 2008

Dance, Pokemon, Dance

While doing some late night shopping at Dongdaemon, we spotted some dancing phenoms. It seemed as if Pokemon, Turtle, and Doolie were dancing to the beats blasting from the speaker -- all on their own. We asked the ajusshi how the little guys had such mad skillz, and he explained (with a coy smile), "It's the vibrations from the speakers."

"Ahhhhh," we replied, nodding our heads.

Then, we gave him 5000 won and picked up 2 pairs of dancing characters.

Perhaps if you take a look at this clip, you'll understand why I was so enamored with the tiny dancers.

When we got home, I quickly tore open the package to see how Pikachu managed to stand upright AND dance along with the beats. As some small part of my brain had suspected, upon closer inspection, I learned that Pikachu's legs were simply made out of yard and cardboard. Then, to our great disappointment, Cyndi pulled out a strand of FISHING WIRE! After taping a piece of fishing line to the back of the character, you must then tie each end of the seemingly invisible line to opposite ends of a box. Once the line is taut, your little character will be able to bounce along to the vibrations from the speakers (subwoofers) -- just as the ajusshi said.

Now, if I were an ostrich, this is the point where I would stick my head in the ground. Sometimes I'm such a dupe. This is why one should not shop after midnight!

I have to give the Dongdaemun entrepreneur some credit. He had a crowd of people swarming around his station.


luna said...

I almost bought one of those last year. I think it was near Namdaemun Market? I'm glad you got a video of it - I didn't do get a chance to do that.

annalog said...

I'm glad I caught them on video as well, though they were much more dazzling in person.

Anonymous said...

i saw a few in Europe!!!