01 August 2008

BB Cream Week: Hanskin's Control Skin B.B. Cream

Since Hanskin is so generous with their B.B. Cream samples, today, I tried out their Control Skin B.B. Cream.

This clip is pretty pointless because my skin looks the same as it did before I put on the B.B. cream, but perhaps you'll enjoy listening to Kara's catchy new Konglish-infused single, "Rock U."

I think the cream is designed to be fragrance-free, but it smells faintly of soju. The texture is very creamy and is easy to apply. It does not appear to dry out my skin like some other B.B. creams. Also, unlike other creams, Control Skin doesn't seem to whiten my skin. In fact, it takes on a sort of orangey/pinkish hue. Perhaps this lack of "whitening" agents is why the cream did not do a very good job of covering my blemishes. Cyndi also noted that she could actually tell that I had applied cream onto my face. Usually, the B.B. creams do a good job of blending with my skin tone. I'm not sure how I feel about Control Skin. Perhaps it'll work better for a different complexion or skin type.

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