22 August 2008

Ginormous Bowl of Kal Guk Su in Chungmuro

After picking up our delightful new business cards (I would post a picture, but that's too much personal info), Emi, Emi's mom, and I stopped for some handmade kal guk su in Chungmuro. I'm afraid that I don't know the exact location, but it's on the strip with all the printing places.

We ordered two servings and were given a wash basin full of noodles. The bowl was ginormous, but we managed to finish most of it. I do indeed come from a line of champion eaters.

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Richard said...

I hate to make generalizations but..

From my experiences in Korea I have found that "champion eating" seems to be a genetic trait of Korean females...lol

I consider myself a hefty eater when the times call for it..but I have been eaten under the table by girls that weigh 1/3 of me!! Simply put...amazing...lol