10 August 2008

Get your skinny jeans on..It's time to Tecktonik!

The Parisian dance phenomenon known as Tecktonik has made its way to Korea. From fashion trends (skinny jeans, day-glo t-shirts, and Reebok high tops) to k-pop, you'll see that Tecktonic's neon bright influence has quickly pervaded the Motherland. Though the Tecktonik trend has been around for awhile now, Heng, Cyndi, and I have only recently become enamored.

The dance style may seem quite goofy at first glance, but the more you watch it, the more enthralling it becomes. Also, once you actually try the moves, you'll find that the dance is more challenging that you thought. Or, maybe that's just me and my two left feet.

Everyone's getting in on the Tecktonic craze...

Model/Actress Go Ara (Etude House)

Korean guy at Coscto (I like the nonchalant reactions of the other shoppers.)


So, what are you waiting for? It's time to hit youtube, and start practicing!
"Vomit; vomit. Eat it; eat it."

1 comment:

Richard said...

That is funny!
I think the people in Costco don't react because Korean people are used to seeing people dance in public (primarily at the makeup stores to get people to enter the stores)...so they probably thought he was selling cosmetics...lol