05 August 2008

Sticky Pics + Kaohsiung Wrap-Up

This first pic is dedicated to JS Unnie.

This sticky pic is way back from our Taiwan vacation. The machine suggested poses, so we just mimicked the models.

Here's another one from Taiwan, featuring Ben, Ben's Wife, and Ben's Brother. :)
This one is adorned with all sorts of junk because the sticky booth attendant took it upon herself to help decorate our pictures. She went crazy with the borders and message stamps.

Speaking of Taiwan... I had meant to write up a nice summary of our time in Kaohsiung, but I've sort of lost steam. I'll just say that Kaohsiung was lovely. It reminded me of Hawaii -- a little bit. We're very grateful to Ben + Ben's Brother for being such attentive hosts. I don't know how we would have gotten around Kaohsiung otherwise. There is a newly built metro system, but I don't think it's been centralized yet. The city is gearing up the World Games in 2009, so if you're interested in checking out Taiwan's largest port city, I suggest waiting until then.

Here are a few of my more scenic (non-food) photos:

Cijin Island - Home of one of Taiwan's oldest naval forts.

I'm not a fan of black sand, but the sea looked beautiful.

Dream Mall

Um...something of cultural significance?

We spent a very long morning hiking, and got to hang with a bunch of wild monkeys. Monkey poo is quite nasty. I suspect that it's particularly nasty because these monkeys are feasting on abandoned cups of bubble tea. Do not feed the monkeys bubble tea, people!


Anonymous said...

thx...altho wuts up with my sis and the "victory/peace" sign??... i guess dats wut happens when u have been living in korea for so long...or is it the PEOPLE she hangs out with??...hmmmmm

the pics you took in taiwan are really nice - i give it the 'ol H.O.P. stamp of approval! i esp. like the "dream mall" with the contrast of the sky and the silhouette of trees...

so have u decided when u'll be stopping by our beautiful islands? gotta make sure i leav... i mean request some days off..lol.


annalog said...

Maybe she's part of the Scissor Gang Mafia (google it). I probably won't be back in Hawaii until Octoberish. The Dream Mall pic was by accident. I basically only know two function: Flash. No Flash.