04 August 2008

Stuff Korean Moms Like

I'm not really one to use the terms ROFL or LOL, but if ever I did, I would use the acronym to describe Stuff Korean Moms Like (which I found out about through Ask A Korean). If you are blessed enough to have a Korean mom or perhaps even roll with a few Korean moms, you will definitely enjoy this blog dedicated to all the qualities that make Korean moms so special. The list is spot on. If the item doesn't apply to my mother, it at least reminds me of one of my eemos.

My favorites so far are:
#42 Paper + Plastic Bags - This is one trait that I've definitely inherited.
#40 Korean dramas - My mom upgraded to DVD rentals, but I don't know if she'll ever get around to downloading dramas. My eemo, on the other hand, has learned to use youtube!
#38 Child Labor - On the bright side, it helps to bolster your college application.
#30 Interpreting dreams - Thanks to my mom, I'm always paranoid whenever I have a dream about losing teeth. Depending on which tooth, it could signal a death in the family.
#24 Made in Korea - My mom is going to go back with a boat load of Made in Korea goodness whenever she comes to visit.
#22 Believing they descended from royalty - In my mom's case, she likes to say that we descended from a famous court physician. I guess she really wants a medical doctor in the family. Sorry, mom.
#18 Bragging - I wish she wouldn't do this, but at the time, I suppose that she has a right to revel in any of my successes. I contribute all of my commendable qualities to me moms. Snaps to my umma.
#11 Telling people they are fat - Following "Did you eat?" this is one of the most common ways for a Korean mom or emo to greet you. If not about your weight, they will say something about your skin. "You poor thing. What happened to your face? Is it stress?"
#3 Announcing they want to die - This one gets me every time.
#1 Perms - Someone please shave my head if I have an ajumma pama when I become a Korea mom.

사랑해, 엄마!

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