22 August 2008

w-store in Apgujung

Thanks to sheer brute strength and the aid of our shopping kuruma, Cyndi and I managed to move all of our junk in just two days. Now I can resume blogging about the mundane moments of life. Yippee!

While in Apgujung, we happened upon w-store, a new cosmetics drug-store type (because they don't sell any drugs) shop, similar to Watsons and Olive Young. The logo makes it look like a cellphone store, but step in and you'll find a dazzling supply of Korean and foreign import beauty goods.

I was tempted to buy a lot of prettily packaged lotions, toners, and creams that I would not know what to do with, but I held back and just picked up a few items that I needed. Yes, I am using the word "need" very loosely.

Item 1:
I decided to try out the L'Oreal Elseve Anti-breakage Nutrigloss Conditioner (Dang, that's a mouthful). It seems to be similar to the L'Oreal Vive Pro conditioner I used back home, only it's called "L'Oreal Elseve." Based on all the Japanese on the bottle, I'm assuming that this is the Asian version of L'Oreal Vive Pro.

Item 2: I bought an adorable contact lens tray that I had first seen at the eye doctor (Honestly, pun was not intentional). I like it because the "R" and "L" label are clearly marked, and the tray comes with a pair of tweezers in case I ever wanted to be hygienic. I was hoping for the extra large lens tray, about the size of a Nintendo DS, but I think it's only available for eye care professionals. The tray is made by a Korean company named MioTTiCa.

Item 3: W-store also had a bin of sample-size fragrances that were around 6900 - 9900 won. I don't think they are authorized to sell samples, but I picked up a couple of mini bottle for my sister and I because I thought it'd be convenient for traveling. I chose Anna Sui's "Magic Romance" and "Flight of Fancy."

In appreciation of my purchase, the store staff gave me a box of cotton pads, two sanitary napkins, and a full size bottle of Coogi Coral Water cleansing foam. Not sure if such generosity is customary or just part of their grand opening promotion. Probably the latter.

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