17 August 2008

French Type Bakeries

According to one of my cousins, Paris Baguette, Paris Croissant, and Passion 5 Bakery were all founded by the same family. In fact, the family even bought their own flour mill, because, you know, they're rolling in dough. (I'm really sorry, but the pun had to be made.)

I recently bought a half-sandwich from Paris Baguette (ham and fried egg, of course), and noticed that the plastic wrapping said "Paris Croissant." It also had the following blurb:

The Best French Type Bakery paris croissant concept is based on a range of high quality french pastry goods always fresh and prepared in full view of the customer.

Here's blurry photographic proof. I regret not getting a shot of the sandwich, but I was kind of famished.

First of all, "French Type Bakery" is an excellent term for these Korean bakeries. Their goods aren't exactly French in nature, but they are certainly "French Type." I must, however, disagree with the bit about how "goods [are] always fresh and prepared in full view of the customer." I've been to the U.N. Village Paris Croissant a number of times, and even though their counter top is a little too high for me to see over, I'm pretty sure that they're not preparing the pastries in full view of the customer.

Please do be careful of your use of "always."


Whitey said...

My local Paris Baguette had really bad English signs a few months ago -- so bad that I rewrote the copy for the main sign behind the counter and gave it to a friendly employee there.

Since then they have upgraded to pretty-good-but-not-quite-fluent English on their signs.

I recommend the American-like "Pancake Set" with the delicious orange/honey syrup.

Richard said...

Paris Bagguette is pretty good. THey make decent sandwiches and the bonus is they are everywhere!

annalog said...

That was very cool of you, Whitey. Do you think you could also get folks to stop using "well-being" as an adjective?