26 August 2008

친구 Time

A couple weekends ago June, Taehee, Cyndi, and I cam-hyoried it up in Jeongja-dong. I've been reading a lot of What I Wore Today blogs, so I tried to pose the gals like those fashionista sel-ca pros. I don't know what I was thinking. I can't even pose myself. I certainly had no business trying to direct others.

Anyhoo, I compiled all of the photos in a little video montage, because it just takes too long to upload all the files. Yes, you read me correct. I think it's much easier (and more fun) to edit a video than upload photos.

We also met up with Sojuhee last weekend. I was looking forward to watching Cyndi and Sojuhee thrown down a couple of bottles of the Motherland's Milk, but we only drank juice and coffee because... Sojuhee's got a bbang in the oven! Congratulations Sojuee and Mr. Sojuhee!

Sojuhee might come visit us once we return to the Bay. We hope so!

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