11 August 2008

I know. I watch too much terebi.

Since , September 2007, I had been wanting to watch the CBS reality show, Kid Nation. To my surprise, after watching a rerun of 우리 결혼했어요, Kid Nation premiered on the MBCevery1 channel. Unfortunately, it airs on Sundays at 12:15 AM, but I'm still going to make an effort to watch the program. Say what you will about exploiting children or annoyingly precocious TV kids, but I enjoyed the first episode. The young participants are completely endearing with their earnestness and forthright personalities. The show captures why I enjoy working with children. They may be bouncing off the walls at times, but they usually have something interesting to say.

Speaking of American TV, I'm increasingly seeing more and more programming from the Homeland. A year ago, I basically stuck to the OnStyle network for my American TV fix (i.e., ANTM and Project Runway), but now I'm finding American shows all over the cable networks. Midu (Miguk Dramas) like Prison Break, 24, Law & Order SVU, and CSI, have been popular for awhile. More recently though, I'm seeing a range of sitcoms, dramas, and reality programming that I had not expected to find in the Motherland (e.g., I Love New York, Sunset Tan, and Dexter).

I'm especially excited that some of my favorite shows (which I had been following online) have made it to the Motherland (albeit a month or season behind): 30 Rock, Brothers and Sisters, Samantha Who?, and How I Met Your Mother. Speaking of HIMYM, in the Motherland, it's called "I Love Friends." I'm not sure if the name change is an intentional allusion to the once mega-popular NBC sitcom, but the new name bugs me. The HIMYM moniker is central to the premise of the show. I suppose the name is a bit of a mouthful. It would have been really funny if they just referred to the show as "Your Mother." HIMYM and 30 Rock air on FOXLife. Brothers & Sisters and Samantha Who? may be found on StoryOn.

In addition to re-watching some of my faves, I've also discovered shows that I never thought to watch back in the Homeland, more specifically, House, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, and Two and a Half Men (Oh, yes, I did.)

I probably shouldn't watch so much American TV if I really want to improve my Korean, but Korean TV shows are just not the same. The variety programming is fun, but sometimes overstimulating. The Korean dramas can be engrossing, but require a huge investment of time, energy, and emotion. As for the gag shows...no thank you.

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Richard said...

I like the show where two actors/actresses/singers will pretend to be couples? Not sure what its called, but its pretty funny.