07 August 2008

I think I need a notebook to take note of all my notebooks.

I like to think that I'm frugal, but then I look back at my blog and I realize that I spend a lot of money on frivolous things. The truth is I'm quite the spendthrift when it comes to food and stationery.

Korean stationery is just incomparable. It's inexpensive, yet extremely cute; so cute that I'm willing to ignore befuddling Engrish phrases like "I'll say my name to you this morning, certainly" or "Stay with me like now, leaning on each other, feeling irresistible happiness."

I especially like Korean notebooks. Kyobo has all sorts of notebooks and diaries to help you hypothetically organize your life or memories. I really dig the notebooks with grid-lines. (I think this is because I secretly want to be an engineer, despite my disinterest in physics.)

Notebooks to write music, create a story board; write about how much you miss your mom.

This one helps you track your weight loss progress.

I actually bought this cash book to help me keep track of my spending. Yeah, that's working out well...

My teaching gig only increases my compulsion to buy more stationery. These are the notebooks and planners that I'm currently using. I really like the planners by MMMG. I've been using the green one (PLANNER.M) because it has a lot of room to jot down notes from my various classes, but I plan on switching over to the red "Draw Your Tomorrow" planner so that I can take down even more thorough notes. I also have multiple notebooks for lesson planning, story writing, Korean class, and random ideas. I know it's more efficient to consolidate my notes, but I'll take any reason to buy more notebooks.

I also wanted to point out my favorite pens. I am currently obsessed with the Zebra Espina Pearly Rubber ballpoint pens. The "pearly rubber" grip is very comfortable and is perfect for my freakishly small fingers.

I also like these fine point marker pens by Monami. I've been trying to grade in green or purple because my students say that my comments seem much harsher in red. The pens are very cheap (500 won?), so I'll probably stock up on them before I head back to the Homeland.

I recently purchased these "Funny School" stamps with a few useful Korean phrases. I think I'll save the "Power Up" stamp for the students that bomb their vocab quizzes.

I didn't buy this label maker, but I was very tempted. It prints labels in Korean, English, Japanese, and a few Chinese characters. I already have a label maker, so I don't need this one. I just like to admire it from afar. Clearly I am a geek. :)

For those of you who don't have the good fortune to live near a Kyobo bookstore, come along with Cyndi and me, as we take you through our neighborhood store.

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Richard said...

Im a chemical engineer..you dont need a lot of physics background for it (I think 2 classes?)..

Anyways, if you seem to have this affinity towards grided paper, and really like to use a label maker..your about half way to becoming an engineer...lol..the only other questions is: "what are your thoughts on graphing calculators, and pocket protectors?"

I dont use a pocket protector, but Im serious about the graphic calculator..lol