20 August 2008

Only Seoul Women Would Wear High Heels on a Freeway

Today, I saw the most alarming sight on the freeway. The bus had just turned onto the express lane, when I was startled by the bus' blaring horn. I instinctively turned to the right, towards the driver's window. I was surprised to see a young woman on the shoulder of the freeway! She was dressed in a yellow blouse, black dress pants, and of course, high heels. It's strange enough to see a person walking along the shoulder of a freeway, but it was especially startling to see an office lady strolling like she was in Apgu.

She turned at the sound of the bus horn, but she seemed unfazed as the bus sped past her. She looked as if she strolled the freeway all the time. Scary.

I didn't see any sign of her car, so I can't imagine where the woman was going. First of all, she was on the inner shoulder, right between the freeway divider and the bus express lane. If she wanted to exit the freeway, she'd have to do some serious Frogger moves and dash across four lanes of traffic.

She may have been hitchhiking, but in my opinion, she had picked a terrible spot for hitching ride. Perhaps she had gotten into a major fight with her boyfriend and had made good on her threat to jump out of the car RIGHT THIS INSTANT. If that's the case, you picked the wrong place to make a point, lady.

Whatever the case may be, I hope she got to her destination safely.

On an unrelated note, I probably won't be posting for a couple of days. Since our lease is up, we have to move to another officetel. That means we have to haul a year's worth of crapola to the other officetel. I'm not complaining though. Free rent is free rent.

I just wish that I had a better way to transport all our stuff than the death traps they call elevators. In general, I've noticed that Korean elevators have very poor sensors, our building especially. You don't know how many times my arm/shoulder/leg has been smushed by the jaws of the elevator. My biggest fear is that Piggy will get slammed between the elevator doors.

In addition to Wi-Max, perhaps Korean engineers should also work on elevator sensors.

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