11 August 2008

Have a Nice Day in Seoul.

Some people reading my blog may have found me through the big ol' Korea Blog List. I remember when I added my blog to the list back in '07, I had a momentary bit of an identity crisis. Very brief. Nothing world shattering.

When you submit your blog the Korea Blog List has you list your blog under one of four categories:
Foreigners In Korea
Koreans In Korea
Koreans Outside Korea
Foreigners Outside Korea

Since I had intended my blog to chronicle my year in the Motherland, the "In Korea" part was easy. The big question though was am I a "Foreigner" or a "Korean"? There are definitely moments when everything feels all too familiar in the Motherland, and I'd easily check the "Korean in Korea" box. But, more times than not, I am aware (or made aware) of the fact that I am indeed a foreigner in Korea. I suspect that a lot of gyopos and Korean adoptees must be asking themselves the same question. Am I a foreigner or a Korean?

With great foresight, I knew that I would be more Foreinger than Korean while in Korea, so I identified myself as a "Foreigner in Korea." In the Homeland, I would not hesitate to categorize myself as Korean, but in the Motherland, I always feel like I'm an impostor when I say that I am Korean. I prefer to say that I'm a gyopo or... Japanese-Canadian.

Anyhow, my main reason for posting was to point out a blog that I just discovered while recently perusing the newest (new to me) batch of Korean Blogs. After watching the Park Tae Hwan 400m race for the umpteenth time in two days (It's starting to feel like Groundhog's Day), I hesitate to watch any more of the Olympics as presented by the Korean broadcasting community. Instead, I've taken to reading the Olympic highlights at A Nice Day in Seoul. I think what got me hooked what his Jang Mi-Ran Watch.

This picture alone brightens my day.


Richard said...

I went through the exact same "identity crisis" when I added my blog to the Korea Bloglist.

I was like well Im "outside of Korea"..but am I Korean or Foreigner. Does Korean mean I am a Korean citizen living outside of Korea or does it mean Im Korean ethnicity?

To be honest with you, I cant remember which list I put my blog under...lol..I think I put it as Korean outside of Korea...lol

Are you adopted by any chance? Ive been asked to write an article for the Korean Herald about being adopted. And this is one of the major topics in my writing. Just curious if non-adopted Koreans face the same "identity crisis" as adopted Koreans, its very valid.

matt said...

ain't you sweet. thanks and i'm very happy to be introduced to your blog, too. you seem to have a great here vs. there sense of humor. i'll be reading it more once tonight's events conclude. in the meantime, i know you'll understand i got a jang to watch!

annalog said...

Richard:Though my sister would probably say that I was left in the dumpster by a pair of trolls, I am not adopted. Being in the Motherland has certainly helped me to think about how my cultural heritage plays a part in the person that I am.

Matt: Seriously, thanks for your lively Olympic highlights. I can only take the Korean commentators in small doses. Plus, I'm not so into archery or weightlifting!

someone said...

I am anxiously awaiting the Anna and Cyndi Tecktonic dance video debut!!!

Richard said...

I so want to see the Annalog and Cyndi Tektonic video too!!!

I think you guy should do it in like Costco or Homever...like that other guy!