28 August 2008

Wonder Girls "This Time" MV

I probably seem like a big Wonder Girls fan, but I'm actually more of a JYP (the producer, not singer) fan. I think he's one of the greatest puppet masters to come out of Asia. I am especially feeling the latest video from the Girls. The song is a nice little mid-tempo ballad called "This Time." The video is part Mannequin, part The Keeanu Reeves Movie That No One Watched.

To all you "anti-fans," I'd say that the Wonder Girls are much more palatable in animation.

Let's hope that this video doesn't get taken down as quickly as that Kanye Video.


InMySeoul.com said...

I have a couple of wonder girls cds...I personally like Brown Eyed Girls a bit more..

Im huge Younha fan! :)

Anonymous said...

hey i saw "a scanner darkly"... i actually thought it was pretty good. and if you're a fan of robert downey jr. this is a good film to check his ever so versatile acting skills... - this is all in reference to the "movie that keeanu reeves was in but nobody saw" that this mv alludes to - or should say "directly" reflects... but we all know where both probably got inspired from - the "A-Ha" video - which in itself was inspired by other films - so says its wikipedia entry.

p.s. love your blog anna!