18 August 2008

A Home in the Homeland!

We've pretty much secured a new place of residence, so I guess it's official. Prepare the fireworks and the welcome home parade, because Cyndi and Annalog are heading back to the Homeland!

Cue The Stars and Stripes Forever.

It was quite stressful trying to find an apartment from abroad. Cyndi scoured Craigslist like it was her job, but to our dismay, we either found apartments that were way out of our price range or apartments priced suspiciously low. Come on now. A two bedroom house in downtown Mountain View for $900? I don't think so.

I forgot how hard it was to find housing in the South Bay without a Silicon Valley paycheck. It's a good thing I got my favorite cousin to help me split the bills :)

Just when we had resigned ourselves to settling for a one bedroom with an extra large dining area, our superhero J.W. secured us the apartment right across from her! Yay! We're going to be neighbors. I can already see the shenanigans. Maybe we can play a game of trivia, and swap apartments :)

So what is the plan for this next chapter of life? I'm going to open up my own hagwon...just kidding. Cyndi's going to resume working for the American branch of her current employer, while I'm going to be unemployed. I'm serious. As I reassure my mom every time I speak with her, I'm going to spend the bulk of the fall working on a few personal projects that will ultimately help my application to a doctorate program. (That sounds much better than "blogging and torturing Piggy," right?). Then, I will return to the Motherland in the Winter to teach, and of course, make loads of money. The plan is to spend the next year floating between the Motherland and the Homeland. Thank you F4 visa!

I can't believe that nearly a year as gone by. I guess this means you'll be seeing a lot more retrospective posts. It's going to be like VH1 during an "I Love the 90s" marathon. Stay tuned...


Richard said...

So was it worth spending a whole year in Korea? Did you work while you were there?

I would love to spend a year in Korea..but I dont know about quitting work to do it...

One little flaw I see in your plan..you mention that you dont have a job, but will be jetting between motherland and homeland...Doesnt that cost money?

Sometime I think things through too much..I wish I could be someone who just picks up and goes and does it..unfortunately thats not my personality...one of these days I'll get a big enuff "bug" and just pick up and go live in Korea for a year...It sounds like a blast.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I read your blog very often,even tho I don't really comment.

I must say I really like it and it's sooo nice to read something more which makes me closer to Korea, since I really like that country and I'm really interested in it's culture&stuff. :)

I'm actually sorry that you're going back in the USA, but I really do hope you'll have some time to never end this blog since it's so great!

All the best!

annalog said...

Richard: Airfare will be covered by my employer!

Anonymous: Thanks for reading! I will be returning to Korea in the Winter, so their will still be posts on Korea.

I don't know about never ending blog, but I will certainly continue blogging for awhile. Until I get a more exciting life, I suppose. :)