16 August 2008

Forever 21 Coming Soon to Seoul

A few weeks back, I noticed that they're constructing a Forever 21 shop in Myeongdong, which seems odd to me, because I tend to think of Seoul as one large Forever 21 store.

I know that their products are manufactured in Korea, but has Forever 21 grown so much that they're now considered "name brand"? I'm kind of skeptical about its potential for success since I can find Forever 21 type clothes for half the price all over Myeongdong, Kangnam, and Edae. I even remember buying a dress for man-won two summers ago in Edae, only to find the dress at Forever 21 for $30.

Just this week, we were looking around the underground shopping area at 고속터미널 when I spotted these earring for 1000 won a piece.

Cyndi and I will be sure to check out the Myeondong Forever 21 before we head back to the Homeland. If the Myeongdong Forever 21 isn't open yet, I'm sure it will open soon. Shops are built at lightning speed in Korea.


Anonymous said...

hello - your observations of living in Seoul - hilarious, insightful, and infectious - how does one get hold of you? andrewb151@hotmail.com

annalog said...

Thanks for reading! You may send your inquiry to one of the addresses listed in the right side bar.

No marriage proposals please. I am already (secretly) engaged to Daniel Henney. :)

Cheri said...

Haha, funny - that's a pretty good analogy... Seoul is one big Forever 21... next thing you know there'll be a Charlotte Russe. >_< On another note, what's up with the "Tommkins" stores here??

2 Button Mens Suits said...

You guys gonna love f21.