05 August 2008

Happy Birthday Heng!

This post is very belated (over a week), but let's all wish our dear Heng Unni (or should I say ajumma?) a happy, happy birthday!

We did get to celebrate with her on the actual day of her birthday, but she then had to run back to the office (at 10 pm) and get back to work. So sad...

Want to know how young Heng is? You'll just have to add up the candles on the cake (from Migo).

Of course you can't have birthday cake without a little soju... Both 참이슬 Fresh and 처음처럼 have rolled out special edition bottles for the summer.

Please excuse the closed eyes. We're not drunk. We're just Asian.

Heng's engineer posse. They <3 Heng. Or, maybe they're just scared of her...ㅋㅋㅋ


Richard said...

"Please excuse the closed eyes. We're not drunk. We're just Asian."

LOL...nice subtitle to your picture...lol..I laughed out loud when I read that!

Richard said...

Oh..and are you sure about your comment? the picture before you show soju being served!