28 August 2008

I-brow. U-nibrow?

When Cyndi first told me that she was going to get her eyebrows tattooed, I immediately thought:

I remember eyebrow tattoos being quite popular amongst the ajummas in the 90s. I also remember those tattoos being frighteningly bold, as if someoone took shoe polish and schmeared it all over their eyebrows in order to match their conspicuous mauve lip liner.

Cyndi, however, assured me that times have changed and that tattoo artists now design more natural looking eyebrows. In fact, two of her female co-workers had gotten their eyebrows done with much success.

Cyndi's eyebrows are a bit thin and she was tired of filling in her brows with makeup, so she decided to get them tattooed. I, on the other hand, have beastly eyebrows, so was not the least interested in getting my eyebrows tattooed. But I, of course, tagged along anyway to check out his handiwork.

The tattoo artist (who is also a professional makeup artist) asked that I not show his face. I thought it was because he was camera shy, but then Heng informed me that he was operating without a license. This is why I can't give you the whereabouts of his office, but I will say that he is located near Apgujung. He's apparently quite famous.

It's been over a week since Cyndi's appointment and her eyebrows look good. At first, we were all alarmed because immediately after the procedure, Cyndi's eyebrows were a very dark red. She kind of looked like a crazy woman, so she had to hide behind Heng's humongous shades. Her eyebrows remained red for about three days, but soon afterwards, the color begin to flake off. A week later, her eyebrows are very natural looking. If you look closely, you'd think that Cyndi just colored in her eyebrows with a pencil.

The tattoo artist spent a lot of time designing Cyndi's eyebrows in pencil, before he actually tattooed anything. He told her that Americans like their eyebrows on the thin side, while Korean women like their eyebrows a little fuller. (This is very true. Thinly groomed eyebrows are one of the key ways I'm able to identify a fellow gyopo.) He also told us that shorter eyebrows are in these days because it makes your face look smaller. Cyndi decided to go with the more Korean look, so her eyebrows are now fuller, yet shorter.

Cyndi says that the needle doesn't hurt at all, but you may have to go in a few times so that the tattoo artist can ensure that the ink has properly settled onto your skin. The eyebrows tattoos should last about three years are so.

Check out the behind the scenes footage, then let me know what you think of Cyndi's new eyebrows. ^^

(The video features the song "That's Not My Name" by the Ting Tings.)

Cyndi gets her eyebrows tattooed from Annalog on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

tell cyndi her eyebrows came out good
looks very natural and a lot thicker than before

annalog said...

ok, I will.

Angel4e said...

Looks great!
I was also sceptic when I first read it, but after convincing myself with the video, it really does look good.
I always preferred thick eyebrows, the thin ones are so ugly to me.

I remember couple of years ago, people in here would rip off all of their natural eyebrows and after draw them with crayon or glue on some crystals, lol. Eww!

Good job to the anonymous tatoo-guy, he seems very kyo :D
And congrats to Cindy,she must be happy that it turned out well.

Ian Oppa said...

I need to go see this guy too next time I'm up there...save his card for me. U know...maybe JSunnie should get hers done too cause that eyebrow pencil of hers is starting to get really small!

Anonymous said...

ha ha that is so funny and true

bosule said...

anna, you freaking crack me up. tell cyndi it looks good. very natural looking. i miss you two!!!!

annalog said...

Thanks, Bo! We miss you too!

Anonymous said...

HAHAhaha... speaking of small pencils, i'm having lunch with ian oppa tomorrow. f.y.i.

i wud consider tattooing me eyebrows...BUT wud have to consider real hard about the shape and thickness, cuz i tend to like skinny eyebrows - tho i know i'm biased...lol... but u know wut i mean?... of course if i did, i know i don't have the courage to share that experience with all us "zillion" annalog readers. but i will def. send pics to all my "fans" who care how i look. haha!

have a great week ladies!


jayme said...

this looks great! do you mind if i ask about how much this was? is your friend still satisfied with the results? and ...do you have a number?