09 August 2008

Watching the Beijing Olympics in Korea

You can catch the events live.

You only see the events where Korean athletes have a chance at earning a medal. (I guess this is a plus if you like tae kwon do, fencing, archery, or Park Tae Hwan.)

I suppose that in this day and age, people don't really have to sit at home and watch (or tape) their favorite events. That's why the internet was created.

I usually look forward to women's gymnastics and the opening ceremony. Sounds like the Americans don't really have a shot at garnering an all-around medal, so I'm not really missing out this year. I did catch 30% of the the epic opening ceremony last night, but mostly because I wanted to check out Ralph Lauren's designs. ( The U.S. athletes did look pretty smart.) The opening ceremony extravaganza was way too long for me to watch all the way through, but what I did catch was beautiful, yet a little mystifying. I also like to watch the procession of countries because it's a good way to learn about countries I never knew existed. (That's right Brunei Darussalam. I see you.) Also, did you notice how instead of their standard flag, Taiwan carried a modified version of the Beijing Olympics flag? And, when Hong Kong entered the arena, the announcer shouted with great emphasis, "Hong Kong China!" It's easy to momentarily forget about all the political tension surrounding China when you look into the smiling faces of the adorable little Fuwa.

Since my family doesn't like it when I write a long post with no pictures, I'll leave you with a triumphant photo of my Olympian Mii.

The big question is: who will I root for when/if the Motherland or Homeland come head to head in an event? Let's just say, I'm rooting for the winner. ㅋㅋㅋ

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Richard said...

luckily for you, you probably wont have to decide which country since neither country really cross into each other's "Specialties". Korea is a powerhouse in Archery, fencing, and taekwando...America is stronger in track and field, and swimming.

I always root for Korea. I love the fact that they can get such a huge medal count from like 3-4 sports they are good at...lol..I'd like to know the figures on medals/capita (I think korea would be one of the highest)