04 August 2008

Dunkin' Cupcakes

Dunkin Donuts back in the Homeland better step up because Dunkin' Donuts Motherland is diversifying. In addition to toasted sandwiches, Cyndi recently discovered that Dunkin Donuts now offers some pretty cute cupcakes. Flavors include Choco Almond, Pistachio Cream Cheese, Double Choco, and Vanilla Berry.

We tried the Double Choco and the Vanilla Berry Cup Cakes.

Piggy's a little bijo because Cyndi didn't get her a cupcake.

Both the Chocolate and Vanilla Berry were quite good. I wouldn't classify these as cupcakes though. They were more muffin-like. The Vanilla Berry definitely tasted like a blueberry muffin, while the Double Choco tasted like Duncan Hines cake mix, which in my opinion, is not a bad thing. At 2500 won, I'd say these Dunkin' Donut cupcakes are a good deal, especially if you compare them to the dreadful Shinsaege cupcakes.

The cupcakes came in this cute little box.
It's a shame about the Engrish. "Loving in Dunkin." Don't they have someone back at U.S. headquarters who they can consult with?


someone said...

what gym do you use in Korea??? Is it really fancy and exclusive? With all that eating, it got me thinking. The two of u still look great. :)

FYI said...

I know you don't like Sprinkles cupcakes as much as Sibby's, but Sprinkles is opening a store this month at Stanford Shopping Mall. Palo Alto is much closer than driving to San Mateo for a dozen mini cupcakes.^^ geundeh me want some red velvet cupcakes...mmm :d

annalog said...

Thanks, Someone Oppa. We signed up for a gym for a month and yoga for another month, but he haven't been good about working out. Fortunately, we do A LOT of walking which in my mind, allows us to eat anything we want :)

Richard said...

ahh...korean food is healthy...walking to and from and going up and down to subway stations is a lot of exercise...I always lose weight in Korea, no matter how much I eat..of course I dont eat many baked goods or "americanized" eats while Im in korea...lol