05 August 2008

Introducing Cyndi & Annalog, Asia's Hottest New Pop Stars

Our pop albums are ON SALE NOW!

Just kidding.

We just received our glamour shots from Taiwan. At first we were 신났어. I mean, what girl doesn't want to have some professionally photo-shopped portraits of herself? But, then we started to feel a little embarrassed. I mean, what girl wants an album full of unnaturally photo-shopped portraits of herself?

Regardless of our mixed reactions, we were still curious to see the photos. We purchased the smallest package available, which came with a 4" x 6" photo album, a large 8.5" X 11" portrait, a CD filled with the jpeg files of the photos featured in the album, and a small double-sided key chain.

Guess what my family's getting for Christmas...

Here's what we each got:

Meet Cyndi-san, the newest singer to hit the J-Pop scene.

Meet Annielog, Cantonese Pop Star Wannabe.

You take a bunch of photos during the shoot, but you only end up with twelve in the album. Usually, you get to pick your photos, but due to scheduling constraints we had to let each of our photographers select the photos. I SO wish we could have had a final say because there are definitely some cheesy photos. Oh well. C'est la vie.

Against my better judgment, I am going to post a few photos. Otherwise, why take glammed up photos if you're not going to show anyone, right? After I show my family and friends, I'm going to store the album and not look at it until I am old and wrinkly.

Before we proceed, let me warn you that all of these photos have been generously photo-shopped. (I'm glad that they whitened my teeth, but did they really need to reshape my nose?) They seem to do a lot of editing around the face area, but they didn't really touch up the rest of the body, which is a shame. We really would have appreciated longer torsos and legs or toned arms.

By the way, I better not find any of these photos in some Asian mail order bride catalogue...or worse.

Without further ado...



A note about the first picture: I'm surprised that the photographer put this photo in my album. Throughout the whole photo shoot, he kept telling me to stick my tongue out in that cutesy way. Every time I tried this, we both ended up in a fit of laughter because it looked like I was having a seizure. I guess after twenty tries or so, I managed to get the pose right.


Anonymous said...

Wow your pictures came out really good
too bad we couldn't see all of them, i really wonder how those pictures came out
well thanks for sharing

Richard said...

You shouldnt have given your friends the idea to put your pictures in a mail order bride catelog...lol

If I knew you in RL, I definitely would be doing that!..lol

Anonymous said...

jinja yeppuh nawasuh!!... i'm impressed cuz the pics look totally NOT like you gals! - JUST joking!!... i think the pictures came out really good because you do see and recognize who it is. and even with all the photoshopping in the world - you can only "beautify" what was already beautiful to begin with... and plus these are called "glamour" shots for a reason - so be "glamorous" and as my "good" namja chingu would say - "Work it Baby!"