03 August 2008

He sings. He dances. Apparently, he steals things.

Cyndi and I went to see "Jason Mraz Live in Seoul" at the Melon AX Concert Hall. I think Cyndi would agree with me when I say that the concert was grrrrrrrrrrrreaaaaaaaat! I've been wanting to see Jason Mraz live in concert for awhile now. I never expected to see him in Seoul.

The Melon AX is a great little venue. It's medium sized, so you can get a pretty nice view no matter where you're seated. For this particular concert, the bottom floor was standing room only, while the second floor balcony were all seats. We sat in the third row! Early bird gets the worm, people. The standing section looked pretty fun, but I didn't want to risk being stuck behind some tall people.

(To get to the Melon AX. Take the subway to Kwangnaru. Take exit 2. Cross the street. Walk towards the large metal sphere. You should be able to spot the Melon AX from there.)

I could only snap a single picture of Jason Mraz before one of the concert nazis told me to turn my camera off. They were quite vigilant throughout the whole night. I'm sure there's a good reason why they want me to refrain from non-flash photography, but I just can't think of any. Why are they so harsh with personal photography? Anything I manage to capture would only be adequate for youtube or my blog. I even turned off my flash. Sheesh.

Koreans love Jason Mraz. The concert hall was packed. I've only been to two other concerts in Korea (Lovefesta & Sung Si Kyung), but from what I've observed, Koreans make a very responsive audience. They hooted and hollered at practically everything Jason Mraz did. Bantered about the rain. Hahahahaha! Tuned his guitar. Wooohooooooo! Did a little shuffle. Awwwwwwwww! Drank a sip of water. Yaaaaaaaaaay!

Someone needs to calculate coefficients and what-not, because there seems to be a high correlation between the level of Jason Mraz love and English proficiency amongst Koreans. I know that there were a number of North American folks, but the predominantly Korean crowd all seemed to respond appropriately to Jason Mraz's jokes and asides, as if they understood every word he said. The only part that seemed to confuse them was his bit in Espanol.

The crowd was also surprisingly vocal. They kept shouting his name and saying "I love you." My favorite comment had to be the burly male voice from the back that shouted "Sarang hae!" Boys love Jason Mraz too!

Jason Mraz is so darn charming. He is truly even more winning live in concert. I bet he'd make a perfect road trip buddy. Either that or I wish I could shrink him, stick him on my dashboard, and have him sing for me as I drive along the 101. I think both Cyndi and I now intend to purchase more of his music-- um, not that I didn't purchase the Mraz songs currently on my iPod...

This concert was actually my gift to my favorite cousin Cyndi (Her birthday's on 08/08/08. Take note, people!). It's actually a pretty selfish gift given the fact that Jason Mraz is one of my favorite singers and Cyndi was only familiar with a handful of singles. I think Cyndi enjoyed the concert nonetheless. (Right, Cyndi? Don't worry. I will make you seaweed soup on your birthday too!)

I couldn't get any decent footage from the concert, but I hope you'll enjoy my Jason Mraz playlist on Imeem.
Annalog Hearts Jason Mraz

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Thanks for the awesome b-gift!!!Jason Mraz was sooooooo goood!Num mushissuh! Arigato gozaimasu~ <3<3<3